Lecture: 6.03.003 Introductory Course Lab Techniques - Details

Lecture: 6.03.003 Introductory Course Lab Techniques - Details

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Rooms and times

Monday, 27.11.2023 - Friday, 01.12.2023 08:00 - 12:00


This course is a voluntary practical course conveying several basic laboratory techniques (pipetting; using a scale; calculating buffer concentrations; usage of a pH meter, photometer, centrifuge and microscope; introduction to sterile working and clean benches) for students who were not able to gain those skills during bachelor studies. Everyone not feeling safe in those techniques should attend the course because this is the only repetition of these foundational skills. These techniques and skills are mandatory for Neuroscience, Molecular Biomedicine and Biology masters and are expected for every following practical course!

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