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27.01.2023 03:15:42
Practical training: 2.01.973 Psychological practicum EEG - Details
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General information

Course name Practical training: 2.01.973 Psychological practicum EEG
Subtitle inf973
Course number 2.01.973
Semester WiSe22/23
Current number of participants 2
expected number of participants 12
Home institute Department of Computing Science
participating institutes Department of Psychology
Courses type Practical training in category Teaching
Type/Form P
Lehrsprache englisch

Course location / Course dates

n. V. in den Laboren der Psychologie, bitte wenden Sie sich an die Lehrenden


The aim of the internship is to apply the knowledge from the lecture on Neurophysiology in the lab. For this purpose, the students will record electroencephalograms from human subjects. They will learn how to place electrodes, how to record EEG and how to analyze simple derivatives of EEG such as the event-related potential (ERP).
In the Applied Cognitive Neurocognitive Psychology lab interns are closely linked to ongoing research. The research topics in the lab include characterization and decoding of cognitive and emotional states from brain imaging data (fNIRS, fMRI, MEG) and the analysis of mechanisms of auditory processing of speech. In both topical areas we put a methodological emphasis on data driven machine learning techniques to reveal neuronal correlates of internal states and for human state decoding. In collaboration with workgroups from computer science we also work modelling of human cognitive function and integration of information about human cognitive and emotional states into planning strategies for human-cyber-physical systems.