Workshop: GA_2.27 Research Data Management - Details

Workshop: GA_2.27 Research Data Management - Details

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General information

Course name Workshop: GA_2.27 Research Data Management
Subtitle Lecturer: Christian Pauls
Course number GA_2.27
Semester WiSe24/25
Current number of participants 1
maximum number of participants 20
Home institute Graduiertenakademie
participating institutes BIS - Bibliotheks- und Informationssystem
Courses type Workshop in category Teaching
Next date Monday, 10.02.2025 09:00 - 11:00, Room: (BIS-Zentrum, B-308, Treffpunkt: 09.00 Uhr im Foyer des BIS)
Lehrsprache deutsch

Rooms and times

(BIS-Zentrum, B-308, Treffpunkt: 09.00 Uhr im Foyer des BIS)
Monday, 10.02.2025 09:00 - 11:00

Fields of study


For some time now, the topic of research data management has been attracting more and more attention. Yet, what exactly does the term "research data" cover and what does ‘management’ in this context mean? This 90-minute course is meant to serve as an introduction to the subjects of research data and research data management. The focus is on answering the following questions:

Why does it make sense to engage with these topics, especially against the background of third-party funding and academic publishing?
How do you describe research data, preserve it permanently and make it publicly accessible?
What is a data repository and which repositories exist?
In how far are legal aspects (such as data protection and copyright) relevant in this context?
What can the University of Oldenburg’ library (BIS) do to help answer these questions and support you in research data management?

This brief introduction is especially aimed at researchers (doctoral candidates and postdocs) who are interested in learning more about the basics of research data management or who wish to refresh their knowledge. No specific prior knowledge is required for participation.

Please note:
Due to a large number of very short-term cancellations and unannounced absences in the recent past we would like to point out again that registrations for workshops of the Graduate Academy are binding. Cancellations are only acceptable under imperative circumstances and need to be announced as early as possible. If this is not the case, workshop places that have become available cannot be given to individuals on the waiting list or the workshop cannot be cancelled in due course in the case of low demand. In this case high cancellation fees occur. Under these circumstances the offer of the Graduate Academy cannot be held up in the medium term.

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