Module directory - Courses of study from A to Z

Module directory - Courses of study from A to Z

Information on course of study: Dual-subject bachelor's programme Low German (Bachelor)

The career goal of school is being planned and is therefore subject to the approval of the subject Low German as a teaching subject via the Regulation on master's degrees for teaching careers (Nds. MaVO-Lehr).

The subject Low German deals with the Low German language and literature as well as its acquisition and teaching in probably school and non-school contexts.

Low German can be studied within the framework of the two-subject Bachelor's degree:

  • as a first or second subject (60 credit points) 
Low German can be studied either in connection with a non-teaching career goal or probably as a professional teaching qualification*. 
Further information on teaching careers at the University of Oldenburg

It is not possible to combine Low German and German Studies as a Dual-subject Bachelor.

* Information on the planning status can be obtained from the academic counselling service.