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Module directory - Courses of study from A to Z
European Master in Renewable Energy - Master's Programme

Course in course of study Master's Programme European Master in Renewable Energy (EUREC) (Master's Programme)

Category Module Module component Semester
1 2 3
pre311 - Renewable Energy Basics Seminar o    
pre314 - Energy Meteorology & Storage Technologies Seminar o    
pre315 - Energy Systems & Society Seminar o    
pre325 - Wind Potential, Aerodynamics & Loading of Wind Turbines Seminar   o  
pre326 - Wind Turbine Design, Electrical & Control Issues, Certification Seminar   o  
pre327 - Wind Farm Technology, Economics & Environmental Issues Seminar   o  
pre328 - Mini Project & Wind Farm Study Seminar   o  
pre331 - Ocean Energy Resources Seminar   o  
pre332 - Modelling and Control of Ocean Energy Systems Seminar   o  
pre333 - Ocean Energy Systems Technologies Seminar   o  
pre334 - Economics, Policy and Environment Seminar   o  
pre335 - Project Seminar   o  
pre351 - Photovoltaic Cell Technology Seminar   o  
pre352 - Advanced Photovoltaic Cell Design Seminar   o  
pre353 - Photovoltaics: Economics, Policy and Environment Seminar   o  
pre354 - Photovoltaic System Technology Seminar   o  
pre364 - Thermal Energy Storage Seminar   o  
pre365 - Fundamentals Seminar   o  
pre366 - Solar Low Temperature Seminar   o  
pre367 - Solar High Temperature Seminar   o  
pre371 - Distributed Generation Seminar   o  
pre372 - Generation and Storing Technologies Seminar   o  
pre373 - Control Techniques and Renewable Energy Integration Systems Seminar   o  
pre374 - Power Grid Analysis and Studies Seminar   o  
pre375 - Smart Grids Seminar   o  
pre376 - Standards and Electric Markets Seminar   o  
pre377 - Project Seminar   o  
pre381 - Processes, models & modelling Seminar      
pre382 - Biochemical conversion Seminar      
pre383 - Thermochemical conversion Seminar      
pre384 - New Business Seminar   o  
pre355 - Development and Implementation Lecture   o  
Exercises   o  
pre385 - Sustainable Fuel Supply Chains Lecture      
pre386 - Bio Energy Conversion Lecture   o  
Exercises   o  
pre387 - Power-to-Hydrogen Lecture   o  
Exercises   o  
pre400 - Fundamentals for Renewable Energy Lecture      
pre405 - Energy Resources and Systems Lecture      
pre410 - Renewable Energy Technologies I Lecture +    
Exercises +    
pre420 - Fundamentals Lecture   o  
Exercises   o  
pre421 - Simulation and System Optimization Lecture   o  
Exercises   o  
pre422 - Energy Lecture   o  
Exercises   o  
pre423 - Materials Lecture      
pre424 - Project, case study and innovation Lecture   o  
Seminar   o  
pre430 - Introduction to Electric Power Systems and power electronics Vorlesung und Übung   o  
pre431 - Distributed energy resources (DER) Vorlesung und Übung   o  
pre432 - Renewable Energy Integration Vorlesung und Übung   o  
pre433 - DER Impact on EPS Vorlesung und Übung   o  
pre434 - Smart Grids solutions Vorlesung und Übung   o  
pre435 - Energetic Markets Vorlesung und Seminar   o  
phy641 - Energy Resources & Systems Lecture +    
pre014 - Fundamentals for Renewable Energy Course or seminar +    
Exercises +    
Practical training +    
pre017 - Renewable Energy Laboratories Lecture +    
Exercises +    
Practical training +    
pre336 - Project Project   o  
pre337 - Offshore Wind Energy - Research and Technologies Seminar   o  
pre425 - Renewable Storage Seminar   o  
pre388 - Physics and Fuels Seminar   o  
pre389 - Sustainable Fuel System Design Seminar   o  
pre338 - Marine Current & Tidal Energy Seminar      
pre339 - Project in Marine Renewable Energies Seminar      
pre735 - Elective Seminar      
pre345 - Offshore Wind Energy Seminar      
pre346 - Wave Energy Seminar      
pre436 - Power Generation and Control in Wind Energy Systems Seminar      
pre437 - Smartgrids and electric Mobility Seminar      
pre438 - Protection Systems in Smartgrids Seminar      
pre439 - Renewable Energy Impact in Electric Power Systems Seminar      
pre440 - Optimization of Hybrid Generation Systems with Renewable Sources Seminar      
pre441 - Energy Markets Seminar      
mam - Master´s Thesis Module Seminar     o