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Module directory - Courses of study from A to Z
Marine Environmental Sciences - Master's Programme

Course in course of study Master's Programme Marine Environmental Sciences (Master's Programme)

Category Module Module component Semester
1 2 3 4
mar350 - Introduction to Marine Environmental Sciences Lecture +      
Seminar +      
mar420 - Environmental Research Project     +  
Practical training     +  
mar353 - Basics in Mathematical Modelling Lecture o      
Exercises o      
mar354 - Advanced mathematical modelling Lecture o      
Exercises o      
mar363 - Theory of Ecological Communities Lecture   o    
Exercises   o    
mar364 - Time Series Analysis Lecture   o    
Exercises   o    
mar365 - Stochastical Processes Lecture   o    
Exercises   o    
mar366 - Current topics in modelling and data analysis Lecture   o    
Seminar   o    
mar375 - Models in Population Dynamics Lecture     o  
Exercises     o  
mar376 - Statistical Ecology Lecture     o  
Exercises     o  
mar758 - Fluid Dynamics II Lecture     o  
Seminar     o  
mar355 - Physical Oceanography Lecture o      
Seminar or exercise o      
mar356 - Ocean-Climate-Environmental Physics Exercises o      
Lecture o      
mar367 - Ocean Models Lecture   o    
Exercises   o    
mar368 - Climate Models Exercises   o    
Lecture   o    
mar369 - Critical States in the Earth System: Tipping Points and Resilience Lecture   o    
Seminar   o    
mar373 - Practical Seminar in Modelling Seminar   o    
Exercises   o    
mar374 - Nonlinear Dynamics in the Earth System Lecture     o  
Exercises     o  
mar357 - Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry Lecture o      
mar430 - Organic Geochemistry Lecture   o    
mar431 - Marine Climatology Lecture   o    
mar432 - Biogeochemistry Lecture   o    
Seminar   o    
mar433 - Practical Course in Marine Boundary Layers Practical training (Übung)     o  
Seminar     o  
mar434 - Practical Course in Organic Geochemistry Practical training (Übung)   o    
Seminar   o    
mar435 - Practical Course in Biogeochemistry Practical training (Übung)   o    
Seminar   o    
mar436 - Marine Boundary Layers Lecture     o  
Seminar     o  
mar437 - Isotope Geochemistry Lecture     o  
mar438 - Marine Environmental Chemistry Lecture     o  
Seminar     o  
mar439 - Practical Course in Environmental Analytics Practical training (Übung)     o  
Seminar     o  
mar440 - Practical Course Inorganic and Isotope Geochemistry Exercises (Praktikum)     o  
Seminar     o  
mar246 - Coastal Hydrogeology and Biogeochemistry VA-Auswahl (1VL, 1 Ü oder 1 VL, 1 SE oder 1 SE, 1 Ü)        
mar248 - Basics of NMR Spectroscopy Lecture        
mar249 - Advanced NMR Spectroscopy Lecture        
mar358 - Basic ecological processes Practical training o      
Seminar o      
mar359 - Biological Oceanography Lecture o      
mar450 - Marine Community Ecology Practical training (Übung, Seminar)   o    
mar451 - Ecology of Marine Microorganisms 1 Exercises (Praktikum)   o    
Seminar   o    
mar452 - Ecology of Marine Microorganisms 2 Exercises (Praktikum)   o    
Seminar   o    
mar453 - Microbial ecology of marine sediments Practical training (Übung)   o    
Seminar   o    
mar454 - Introduction to DNA Sequencing and Sequence Analysis Seminar   o   o
Exercises   o   o
mar456 - Coastal Holocene Lecture   o    
Übung oder Praktikum   o    
mar457 - Ecology of Benthic Microorganisms Lecture   o    
mar458 - Aquatic Ecology Lecture o o o  
mar459 - Macrobenthos communities Lecture   o    
Seminar     o  
mar460 - Chemical ecology Lecture     o  
Exercises     o  
mar461 - Functional marine biodiversity Lecture     o  
Seminar     o  
mar462 - Underwater Reserach Methods Seminar     o  
Exercises   o o  
mar463 - Aquatic Mirobial Ecology Lecture o   o  
Exercises o   o  
mar464 - Marine Microbiology Vorlesung und Übung     o  
mar474 - Current issues in plankton ecology Seminar o o o  
mar476 - Marine Ecological Genetics Lecture   o    
Seminar or exercise   o    
mar362 - Chronobiology meets Ecology VA-Auswahl (2 Veranstaltungen aus VL,SE,Ü,EX, PR)        
mar478 - Introduction to marine sensor technology Lecture        
mar377 - Regional Oceanography Lecture   o    
Seminar   o    
mar961 - Aquatic Optics Lecture     o  
Exercises     o  
mar962 - Advanced Practical Course Systems Technology Lecture     o  
Seminar     o  
mar963 - Robotics Lecture     o  
Exercises     o  
mar479 - Seminar Instruments and Publishing; Campaign and Planning Seminar     o  
mar480 - Excursion Field campaign and Data Analysis Study trip     o  
mar465 - Coral Reef Excursion Seminar, exercise or excursion o   o  
mar466 - Professional Scientific Diving Course, Part I Seminar o   o  
Exercises o   o  
mar467 - Professional Scientific Diving Course, Part II Exercises   o   o
Seminar   o   o
Practical training   o   o
mar468 - Marine biology field exercise Seminar or exercise   o    
mar469 - Terrestrial and Marine Ecology of the Mediterranean Sea Seminar, exercise or excursion o o    
mar470 - Programming for Marine Sciences Vorlesung und Übung o      
mar471 - One Day Excursion Study trip o o o  
mar490 - Current Topics and Methods in Marine Environmental Sciences VA-Auswahl        
mar475 - Ocean Governance and Policy Lecture     o  
Seminar     o  
mar477 - Science and Society Lecture o      
Exercises   o    
mam - Master´s Thesis Module Seminar       +