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Module directory - Courses of study from A to Z
Molecular and Nanoscale Science - Structured Doctoral Programme
Category Module Module component Semester
1 2 3 4 5
log   olt133 - Language courses VA-Auswahl          
log   olt134 - Additional module in communication VA-Auswahl          
log   olt161 - Transferable skills / Scientific career VA-Auswahl          
Complete module description   olt162 - Foundation of an enterprise VA-Auswahl          
log   olt164 - Mentoring VA-Auswahl          
log   olt165 - Additional module "Transferable Skills" VA-Auswahl          
Complete module description   olt231 - Advanced presentation techniques VA-Auswahl          
log   olt301 - 684694b419737fad3904c89e70bced11 Lecture o o o    
Exercises o o o    
Complete module description   olt302 - Integrated chemical systems Lecture o o o    
Exercises o o o    
log   olt303 - Art of Synthesis Seminar o o o    
Practical o o o    
log   olt304 - Practice of synthesis Practical o o o    
log   olt306 - Biological membranes and cellular signalling Seminar          
Complete module description   olt307 - Many-body theory Seminar          
Complete module description   olt308 - Quantum solar energy conversion Seminar          
Complete module description   olt309 - Radiation propagation in small-scale struktured matter Seminar          
log   olt310 - Molecular Reaction Dynamics Lecture o o o    
Exercises o o o    
Practical o o o    
log   olt311 - Introduction to Quantum Chemistry Lecture          
Complete module description   olt312 - Microrobotics II Seminar          
Complete module description   olt313 - Fundamentals of nanostructured matter Seminar          
Complete module description   olt314 - Applied nanotechnology Seminar          
Complete module description   olt315 - Laser physics Seminar          
Complete module description   olt316 - Ultrafast optics and spektroskopy Seminar          
Complete module description   olt317 - Modern techniques of optics and spektroscopy Seminar          
Complete module description   olt318 - Synthesis and characterisation of catalysts Seminar          
log   olt319 - Special topics of Interface Science Lecture o        
Exercises o        
Practical o        
log   olt320 - Colloquia series of CIS/GdCh/Chemistry/Physics Colloquium o        
log   olt321 - Aspects of modern inorganic chemistry Seminar o o o    
log   olt322 - Modern electrochemistry Seminar o        
log   olt323 - Retrosynthesis and synthesis planning (iSynthesis) Lecture          
log   olt324 - Temporary embedding in other working groups Practical o        
Complete module description   olt325 - Introduction to new working area VA-Auswahl o o o    
Complete module description   olt326 - Temporary embedding in enterprises outside the university Practical o o o o o
Complete module description   olt327 - Additional module "Specific knowledge" VA-Auswahl          
log   olt328 - Modern aspects of organic chemistry Seminar o        
log   olt329 - Modern theoretical chemistry Seminar o        
Complete module description   olt330 - Modern aspects of industrial chemistry Seminar          
Complete module description   olt331 - Congress VA-Auswahl o o o o o
log   olt332 - Scientific publishing VA-Auswahl o o o o o
log   olt333 - Special topics in communication and imparting of knowledge VA-Auswahl o o o o o
log   olt334 - Motivation and imparting of knowledge VA-Auswahl o o o o o
Complete module description   olt335 - Additional module "Communication" VA-Auswahl