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Module directory - Courses of study from A to Z
Neurosensory Science and Systems - Structured Doctoral Programme

Course in course of study Structured Doctoral Programme Neurosensory Science and Systems (Structured Doctoral Programme)

Category Module Module component Semester
1 2
olt133 - Language courses VA-Auswahl    
olt134 - Additional module in communication VA-Auswahl    
olt161 - Transferable skills / Scientific career VA-Auswahl    
olt164 - Mentoring VA-Auswahl    
olt165 - Additional module "Transferable Skills" VA-Auswahl    
olt201 - Summer School / Congress Lecture    
olt202 - Lab visit abroad VA-Auswahl    
olt203 - Special techniques in Neurosensory Science and Systems VA-Auswahl    
olt204 - Medical basics of Neurosensory Sciences and Systems VA-Auswahl    
olt205 - Data analysis using Matlab Seminar    
olt206 - Journal club Seminar    
olt207 - Colloquium Neurosensory Science and Systems Seminar    
olt208 - Additional module "Specific knowledge" VA-Auswahl    
olt231 - Advanced presentation techniques VA-Auswahl    
olt232 - Summer School / Congress VA-Auswahl    
olt233 - Didactics Seminar    
olt261 - Basics in distribution-free statistics Seminar o o
olt262 - Experimental design and variance analysis Lecture    
olt263 - Numeric and computer Skills VA-Auswahl    
olt264 - Scientific publishing Seminar    
olt209 - Laboratory Animal Science Seminar