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Module directory - Courses of study from A to Z
Politics and Economics - Erweiterungsfach Gymnasium

Course in course of study Erweiterungsfach Gymnasium Politik-Wirtschaft (Supplementary Subject Gymnasium)

Category Module Module component
prx533 - Lesson planning - concepts and methods Seminar
sow112 - Political Economy and Labour Lecture
sow113 - Globalisation and Labour Lecture
sow214 - Multilevel Governance Lecture
sow711 - Introduction to Political Didactics Lecture
sow720 - Europeanization and Transnational Processes Lecture
ökb019 - Economics education - Introductory module Vorlesung und Übung
ökb021 - Private households and businesses Vorlesung und Übung
ökb031 - State and international economic ties Vorlesung und Übung
ökb051 - Recent approaches and fields of application of economics Seminar und Übung
ökb060 - Fields of application of economics education: Principles in terms of subject matter and didactics Seminar und Übung
ökb221 - Performance processes and marketing Seminar
ökb241 - Macroeconomic questions Seminar
ökb271 - Didactics in economic education Seminar
ökb730 - Lesson planning in economics education Seminar
ökb760 - International economic ties Seminar