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01.12.2023 15:06:19
Module directory - Courses of study from A to Z
Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship - Master's Programme

Course in course of study Master's Programme Innovation Management (Master's Programme)

Category Module Module component
cma400 - Introduction to Innovation Management Seminar
cma405 - Innovation and Leadership Seminar
cma410 - Project Management in Innovation Processes Seminar
cma420 - Innovation and Marketing Seminar
cma425 - Innovation Cooperation and Networks Seminar
cma440 - Methods of Empirical Social Research Seminar
cma450 - Project Implementation Seminar
cma580 - Entrepreneurship Seminar
cma620 - Internship Project Seminar
cma630 - Professionalization Module Seminar
Wahlpflichtmodule Advanced Innovation
cma430 - TRIZ: Inventive Problem Solving Seminar
cma435 - Consequences of Innovation and the Social Responsibility Seminar
cma475 - Innovation and Knowledge Management Seminar
cma480 - Organisational Development Processes Seminar
cma485 - Innovation and its Legal Foundations Seminar
cma490 - Innovation and International Economic Relations Seminar
cma495 - Patent Management Seminar
cma500 - Controlling Innovative Projects Seminar
cma555 - Product Development Seminar
Wahlpflichtmodule Management & Leadership
cma415 - Financing and Evaluating Innovative Projects Seminar
cma445 - Coaching and Supervision Seminar
cma590 - Strategic Management Seminar
cma595 - Sustainability Management Seminar
cma600 - Change Management Seminar
cma605 - Human Resource Management Seminar
cma585 - Company formation, mergers and acquisitions Seminar
cma615 - Selected aspects of innovation management Seminar
cma625 - Selected aspects of entrepreneurship Seminar
mam - Master-Modul Seminar
mam - Abschlussmodul Seminar
bbm105 - Leadership and Human Resource Management Seminar
bbm110 - Controlling, Financing and Investment Seminar
bbm100 - Strategic Management and Organizational Change Seminar
bbm115 - Controlling Seminar
bbm155 - Financial management and Investments Seminar
bbm000 - Professionalisation Seminar
bbm150 - Research Methods Seminar
bbm195 - Selected Aspects of Innopreneurship Seminar
bbm500 - Introduction to Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship Seminar
bbm505 - Inventive Problem Solving and Product Development Seminar
bbm510 - Innovation Cooperation and Market Development Seminar
bbm515 - Consequences of Innovation and Sustainability Seminar
bbm520 - Start-Up Economy/Entrepreneurial Ecosystems Seminar
bbm525 - Legal Protection for Innovations Seminar