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Module directory - Courses of study from A to Z
Renewable Energy Online - Master's Programme

Course in course of study Master's Programme Renewable Energy Online (Master's Programme)

Category Module Module component
pre600 - Renewable Energy Basics Seminar
pre605 - Renewable Energy Laboratories & Excursions Seminar
pre610 - Introduction to Energy Resources and Systems Seminar
pre620 - Simulation and Laboratory Seminar
Orientierungsbereich Technologie
pre700 - Wind Energy Fundamentals & Wind Farm Design Seminar
pre701 - Design of Wind Turbines Seminar
pre702 - Fluid Dynamics Seminar
pre703 - Computational Fluid Dynamics Seminar
pre710 - Basics of Photovoltaics Seminar
pre711 - Solar Resources and Systems Seminar
pre720 - Energy Storage Seminar
pre730 - Selected Technologies of Renewable Energy Seminar
pre731 - Advanced Topics of Renewable Energy I Seminar
pre732 - Advanced Topics of Renewable Energy II Seminar
pre734 - Advanced Topics of Renewable Energy IV Seminar
pre733 - Advanced Topics of Renewable Energy III Seminar
Orientierungsbereich Systeme
pre770 - Grid-Connected & Off-Grid RE Systems Seminar
pre771 - Grid Integration Project Seminar
pre772 - Off-Grid Electrification Project Seminar
pre760 - Introduction to Energy Meteorology Seminar
pre761 - Solar Energy Meteorology Seminar
Orientierungsbereich Sozialwissenschaften
pre780 - Energy and Society Seminar
pre781 - Renewable Energy & Sustainability Seminar
pre782 - Resilient Energy Systems Seminar
mam - Masterabschlussmodul Seminar