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Module directory - Courses of study from A to Z
Sustainability Economics and Management - Master's Programme

Course in course of study Master's Programme Sustainability Economics and Management (Master's Programme)

Category Module Module component Semester
1 2 3 4
Basic and Accentuation Modules
wir812 - Environmental Law Lecture o      
wir901 - Environmental Economics Lecture o      
Exercises o      
wir902 - International Sustainability Management Lecture o      
Seminar o      
wir904 - Environmental and Sustainability Policies Vorlesung und Seminar o      
wir905 - Environmental Sciences Lecture o      
Seminar o      
wir808 - Multivariate Statistics Lecture        
wir809 - Econometrics Lecture o   o  
Exercises o   o  
wir894 - Econometrics of Policy Evaluation Lecture        
Additional Modules
inf651 - Environmental Management Information Systems I Lecture   o    
Exercises   o    
inf659 - Environmental Management Information Systems II Lecture     o  
Exercises     o  
lök210 - Practice of Nature Conservation Lecture   o    
Exercises   o    
Seminar   o    
Study trip   o    
lök320 - Sustainable Spatial Development in Europe Lecture     o  
Seminar     o  
Study trip     o  
lök998 - Environmental Planning Seminar     o  
wir809 - Econometrics Lecture     o  
Exercises     o  
wir821 - International Trade, Production and Change Lecture   o    
Seminar   o    
wir826 - Sectoral, Functional and Institutional Approaches to Marketing Lecture   o    
Tutorial   o    
Seminar   o    
wir829 - Development directions in Marketing Research Lecture     o  
Seminar     o  
wir878 - Public Economics and Market Design Vorlesung und Seminar   o    
Seminar   o    
wir915 - Renewable Energy Systems Seminar   o o  
wir919 - Topics in Sustainability Economics and Management I Seminar   o    
wir930 - Open Module Seminar     o  
wir932 - International Regulatory and Competition Policy Lecture     o  
Course or seminar     o  
wir934 - Business French Seminar        
wir935 - Business Spanish Seminar   o o  
wir938 - Eco-Venturing Projektorientiertes Modul     o  
Seminar     o  
wir939 - Topics in Sustainability Economics and Management II Seminar     o  
wir863 - Business and Legal Chinese I Seminar   o o  
wir880 - Marine & Maritime Law Seminar   o    
wir881 - Energy Law Seminar   o    
wir883 - Transnational Biodiversity and Genetic Resources Law Seminar   o    
wcm140 - Planning and Management of Coastal Zones and Sea Basins Seminar     o  
wir832 - Innovation Management Lecture     o  
Seminar     o  
wir934 - Business French Language course   o o  
wir933 - Business English Language course   o o  
wir866 - Business and Legal Chinese II Seminar   o o  
wir943 - Legal and Business Language: English II Language course   o o  
wir944 - Legal and Business Language: French II Language course   o o  
wir945 - Legal and Business Language: Spanish II Language course   o o  
wir850 - Start-up Consulting Seminar        
wir873 - Applied Economics Lecture        
wir886 - Digital Transformation: Strategies and Sustainability Lecture        
wir890 - Climate Economics Lecture        
wir892 - Computational Economics Lecture        
wir893 - Development Economics Lecture        
wir911 - Advanced Topics of Sustainability Economics Lecture        
wir923 - Advanced Research Topics in Sustainable Supply Chain Management Seminar        
wir924 - Ecological Economics Lecture        
wir925 - Innovations for Sustainable Operations Seminar        
mar363 - Theory of Ecological Communities Lecture        
mar368 - Climate Models Exercises        
phy641 - Energy Resources & Systems Lecture        
pre022 - Solar Energy Lecture        
pre025 - Wind Energy and Storage Lecture        
pre041 - Sustainability of Renewable Energy Lecture        
pre152 - Resilient Energy Systems Lecture        
pre200 - Selected Renewable Energy Technologies VA-Auswahl        
wir760 - Computable General Equlibrium Analysis Lecture        
wir849 - Advanced Entrepreneurship Lecture     o  
Project seminar     o  
wir891 - Complex Data Analysis Lecture        
wir950 - Research Workshop: Dilemmas of Sustainability Seminar        
kolloqium - Forschungskolloqium Seminar       o
mam - Master´s Thesis Module Seminar       o
wir889 - Applied Environmental Economics Lecture   o    
wir913 - Practical Project in Sustainability Economics and Management Course or seminar     o  
wir921 - Sustainable Supply Chain Management Lecture   o    
Seminar   o    
wir895 - Industrial Organization Vorlesung und Übung        
wir898 - Strategic Sustainability Management Lecture