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Module directory - Courses of study from A to Z
Educational Science - Master's Programme

Course in course of study Master's Programme Educational Science (Master's Programme)

Category Module Module component Semester
1 2 3 4
päd904 - Educational Research Methods Lecture o o    
Seminar o o    
päd933 - Organizing and managing educational and social institutions Lecture o      
Seminar o      
päd934 - Diversity of Life Course: Social Conditions, Biographies, and Institutions of Social Work Lecture        
Seminar o      
päd935 - Education - Differences - Subject. Basic topics of educational sciences under discussion Seminar o      
päd936 - Medien- und kulturtheoretische Dimensionen des Pädagogischen Lecture o      
Seminar o      
päd937 - Wissenschaftstheorien und Erziehungswissenschaft Lecture   o    
Seminar   o    
Spezialisierung Diversitätsbewusste Sozialpädagogik
päd940 - History and Theories of Social Work Seminar   o    
päd941 - Reconstructive Social Pedagogy: Case Studies, Case Analysis, Case Work Lecture        
Seminar     o  
päd942 - Theory Practice Relationship Seminar   o o  
päd943 - Key Action Areas and Methods Seminar   o    
päd945 - Social Policy and Law Lecture        
Seminar     o  
Spezialisierung Lebenslanges Lernen/Bildungsmanagement
päd960 - Instructional Design and Educational Technology Lecture        
Seminar   +    
päd961 - International Research in Learning Design Seminar     +  
päd962 - Educational Management in Theory and Practice Seminar   + +  
päd963 - Education Policy and Economics of Education Seminar   +    
päd965 - Human Resource and Organisational Development in the Context of Lifelong Learning Lecture        
Seminar     o  
päd964 - Bildungsmanagement in der digitalen Transformation (inkl. Betreuung von Projekten oder Praktika) Seminar        
Spezialisierung Migration und Bildung
päd950 - Law, rigthts and politics. Migration societal persepectives Seminar   o    
päd951 - Languages, migration and societal orders Lecture     o  
Seminar     o  
päd952 - Empirical and theroetical reflections on educational practice Seminar   o    
Working group   o o  
päd953 - Pedagogy of the Migration Society - Focused aspects Seminar   o    
päd955 - Knowledge and Criticism. Pedagogical Professionalism and Migration Reseach Lecture        
Seminar     o  
mam - Master´s Thesis Module Colloquium       o
Seminar       o