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05.12.2022 08:06:45
Module directory - Courses of study from A to Z
Biology - Master of Education Programme (Special Needs Education)
Category Module Module component Semester
1 2 3 4
bio245 - Flora and Fauna Lecture o o    
Exercises o o    
Study trip o o    
bio100 - Introduction into Didactics of Biology Seminar     o o
bio130 - Human Biology Experiments for Science Education Lecture o   o  
Practical training o   o  
bio120 - Science-Teaching and Learning in School-Labs Seminar o o o  
Study trip o o o  
bio299 - Genetics Seminar     o  
bio269 - Allgemeine Mikrobiologie Seminar     o  
bio279 - Basic Concepts in Animal Physiology Lecture   o    
mam - Master´s Thesis Module Seminar        
Frühere Module
bio295 - Genetics Lecture     o  
Exercises     o  
Seminar     o