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23.09.2023 13:08:46
Module directory - Courses of study from A to Z
Social Studies - Bachelor's Programme
Category Module Module component Semester
1 2 3 4 5 6
sow019 - Introduction to sociology Lecture o          
Seminar o          
sow021 - Introduction to political science Lecture o          
Seminar o          
sow051 - Political Theory Lecture     o      
Seminar     o      
sow239 - Introduction to social research methods Lecture o          
Seminar o          
sow214 - Multilevel Governance Lecture     o      
Seminar     o      
sow240 - Introduction to Academic Writing Seminar o          
sow059 - Sociological Theory Seminar     o      
sow269 - Sociology of Organisation Lecture     o      
sow469 - Statistics I Lecture o          
Exercises   o        
sow475 - Statistics II Exercises     o      
sow580 - Training research project (part I) Seminar     o      
sow633 - Comparative Politics Seminar         o  
sow652 - Sociology of Migration Vorlesung und Seminar         o  
sow653 - Family Sociology Seminar         o  
sow656 - Social Transition Processes Seminar       o o  
sow658 - Specialisation Sociological Theory 1 Seminar       o o  
bam - Bachelor´s Thesis Module Colloquium           o