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08.12.2023 22:56:51
Module directory - Courses of study from A to Z
Economics and Business Administration - Master of Education Programme (Vocational and Business Education)
Category Module Module component Semester
1 2 3 4
wir070 - Principles of Marketing Lecture o      
Seminar und Tutorium o      
wir082 - Corporate Finance Lecture   o   o
Tutorial   o   o
wir090 - Human Resource Management Lecture o      
Exercises o      
wir100 - Corporate Strategy Lecture o      
Exercise or tutorial o      
wir160 - Entrepreneurship Course or seminar o      
Tutorial o      
wir200 - Principles of Organisation Lecture       o
Seminar       o
wir210 - Corporate Environmental Management Lecture o      
Seminar o      
wir240 - International Accounting and Auditing Lecture       o
Tutorial       o
Seminar       o
wir390 - Financial Management Lecture o      
Exercises o      
wir400 - Strategic and International Marketing Lecture   o   o
Tutorial   o   o
wir731 - Design of teaching and learning settings in the field of business administration and economics Lecture (Bereich Evaluation) o   o  
Seminar (Bereich Vorbereitung Fachpraktikum)   o    
Seminar (Bereich Digitale Medien)   o    
wir833 - Corporate Financial Statements Lecture   o    
Exercises   o    
wir834 - Auditing Lecture o      
Seminar o      
wir837 - Advanced Corporate Finance Lecture (ggf. mit Übung) o      
Exercises o      
wir839 - Financial Statement Analysis Lecture o      
Exercises o      
wir841 - Advanced Financial Accounting Lecture   o    
Exercises   o    
wir842 - Banking Lecture   o    
wir847 - Advanced Managerial Accounting Lecture   o    
Exercises   o    
wir851 - Corporate Governance and Control Lecture o      
Exercises o      
wir083 - Purchasing, Operations, and Logistics Management Lecture   o    
Tutorial   o    
wir807 - Taxation and Tax Law I Lecture o      
mam - Master´s Thesis Module Seminar     o o