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02.12.2023 07:31:11
Module directory - Courses of study from A to Z
Engineering Physics - Bachelor's Programme
Category Module Module component Semester
1 2 3 4 5
phy509 - Mechanics Lecture o        
Exercises o        
phy513 - Basic Laboratory Practical training o o      
phy520 - Electrodynamics and Optics Lecture   o      
Exercises   o      
phy540 - Mathematical Methods for Physics and Engineering I Lecture o        
Exercises o        
phy031 - Atomic and Molecular Physics Lecture     o    
Exercises     o    
phy041 - Thermodynamics and Statistics Lecture       o  
Exercises       o  
phy505 - Lab Project I Lecture   o o    
Practical training   o o    
phy541 - Mathematical Methods for Physics and Engineering II Lecture   o      
Exercises   o      
phy542 - Mathematical Methods for Physics and Engineering III Lecture     o    
Exercises     o    
phy551 - Quantum Structure of Matter Lecture       o  
phy555 - Basic Engineering Lecture o o      
phy563 - Specialization Lecture     o    
Seminar   o o    
phy570 - Electronics Lecture   o      
Exercises   o      
phy581 - Materials Sciences Lecture         o
phy590 - Control Systems Lecture         o
Exercises         o
phy501 - Numerical Methods Lecture          
phy502 - Solid State Physics Lecture          
phy533 - Metrology Vorlesung und Übung          
bam - Bachelor´s Thesis Module Seminar