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08.03.2021 01:54:13
Module directory - Courses of study from A to Z
Area of specialisation: Practica - Dual-Subject Bachelor's Programme
Category Module Module component Semester
1 2 3 4 5 6
Praxismodule für Studierende mit außerschulischem Berufsziel
log   inf004 - Software Project Lecture     o      
Exercises     o      
Project     o      
log   prx101 - Orientation Placement Exercises            
log   prx106 - Professional Placement Seminar            
log   prx107 - Professional Placement Seminar   o o o o  
Practical   o o o o  
log   prx108 - Professional Placement Seminar            
log   prx109 - Student Placement Module Seminar       o o o
Complete module description   prx110 - Practical Module in Engineering Physics Seminar            
log   inf852 - IT Project Management Lecture            
Praktika für Studierende mit dem Berufsziel Lehramt
log   prx101 - Orientation Placement Exercises            
log   prx102 - General School/Teaching Placement Seminar   o   o    
log   prx103 - Practical Course for future School Teachers Practical (Begleitveranstaltung zum Schulpraktikum)         o  
Seminar (Nachbereitung zur Begleitveranstaltung zum Schulpraktikum)         o  
log   prx104 - Internship in business enterprises Seminar         o o
Complete module description   prx105 - Internship in vocational schools Seminar     o      
log   prx111 - Practical Orientation Course in Special Needs Education and Rehabilitation Practical o          
Seminar o