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Module directory - Courses of study from A to Z
Biology - Dual-Subject Bachelor's Programme
Category Module Module component Semester
1 2 3 4 5
bio215 - Introduction to Biology Lecture + +      
Seminar (Gefahrstoffverordnung und Arbeitsschutz (PFLICHT für Erstsemester!))          
Tutorial (optional) o o      
bio220 - Introductory Zoology-Botany Lecture o   o    
Exercises o   o    
Tutorial (optional) o   o    
bio236 - Basics in Biochemistry and Cell Biology Lecture +        
bio225 - Basics in Biochemistry, Cell Biology and Genetics Lecture     o o  
bio223 - Introductory Botany (Plant Anatomy and Histology) Lecture o   o    
Seminar o   o    
Exercises o   o    
Tutorial (optional) o   o    
bio224 - Introductory Zoology (Animal Morphology and Evolution) Lecture     o   o
Seminar     o   o
Exercises     o   o
Tutorial (optional)     o   o
bio303 - Flora and Fauna Lecture (optional)   o      
Exercises (inkl. Geländeübung) o +      
bio100 - Introduction into Didactics of Biology Seminar     o o  
bio245 - Flora and Fauna Lecture o o      
Exercises (inkl. Geländeübung) o o      
Study trip o o      
bio255 - Fundamentals of Molecular Ecology Lecture     o    
Exercises     o    
bio265 - General Microbiology Lecture     o    
Seminar     o    
Practical training     o    
bio275 - Basics in Physiology Lecture   o      
Exercises   o      
bio295 - Genetics Lecture     o    
Exercises     o    
Seminar     o    
bio303 - Flora and Fauna Lecture (optional)          
Exercises (inkl. Geländeübung)          
bio300 - Evolutionary Biology Lecture     o   o
Exercises     o   o
Seminar     o   o
bio310 - General Ecology Lecture     o o  
Seminar     o o  
Practical training     o o  
bio330 - Marine Ecology Lecture     o o  
Exercises     o o  
bio355 - Microscopical Anatomy Vorlesung und Seminar          
bio385 - Specific Microbiology Lecture          
Practical training          
bio415 - Introduction to Neurobiology II Lecture          
bio416 - Experiments in Neurobiology II Exercises          
bio480 - Functional Morphology of Plants Lecture         o
Seminar         o
Exercises         o
che101 - Basic Chemistry Lecture o        
che102 - Basic Chemistry Laboratory Lecture o        
che190 - Basic Organic Chemistry Lecture     o    
mat980 - Mathematics for the Life Sciences Lecture o        
Exercises o        
phy910 - Physics for Students of Biology and Dual Subject Chemistry Seminar     o    
bam - Bachelor´s Thesis Module Seminar