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28.09.2023 15:45:45
Module directory - Combinations of field of study and final degree
Environmental Sciences and Biodiversity - Structured Doctoral Programme

Course in course of study Structured Doctoral Programme Environmental Sciences and Biodiversity (Structured Doctoral Programme)

Category Module Module component
olt131 - Advanced presentation techniques VA-Auswahl
olt133 - Language courses VA-Auswahl
olt134 - Additional module in communication VA-Auswahl
olt161 - Transferable skills / Scientific career VA-Auswahl
olt163 - Fundraising / Project Management VA-Auswahl
olt164 - Mentoring VA-Auswahl
olt165 - Additional module "Transferable Skills" VA-Auswahl
olt401 - Summer School / Congress / Workshop VA-Auswahl
olt402 - Lab visit abroad / Field work VA-Auswahl
olt403 - Special techniques "Environmental Sciences and Biodiversity" VA-Auswahl
olt404 - International Colloquium Colloquium
olt405 - Subject-related Colloquium Colloquium
olt406 - Additional module "Subject-specific knowledge" VA-Auswahl
olt431 - Didactics / Supervision of students VA-Auswahl
olt432 - PhD forum VA-Auswahl
olt461 - Scientific Publishing VA-Auswahl
olt463 - Good scientific practice VA-Auswahl
olt464 - Scientific writing VA-Auswahl
olt408 - Thesis Committee meetings Seminar