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03.12.2023 08:10:20
Module directory - Combinations of field of study and final degree
Business Administration for Top Athletes - Bachelor's Programme

Course in course of study Bachelor's Programme Business Administration for Top Athletes (Bachelor's Programme)

Category Module Module component
cba300 - Stakeholders and Entrepreneurial Behaviour in Business Seminar
cba305 - Business and Performance Processes Seminar
cba310 - Corporate Strategy Seminar
cba315 - Marketing Seminar
cba320 - Cost and Performance Accounting Seminar
cba325 - Accounting Seminar
cba330 - Microeconomics Seminar
cba335 - Macroeconomics Seminar
cba340 - Private Commercial Law Seminar
cba345 - Empirical Research and Statistical Analysis Seminar
cba375 - Organization and change management Seminar
cba380 - HR Management (with Sport) Seminar
cba385 - National and International Sport Management Seminar
cba390 - Project and Event Management Seminar
cba395 - International Economic Relations and Globalization Seminar
cba400 - Sport Marketing and Sponsoring Seminar
cba405 - Sport, Society and Lifestyle Seminar
cba410 - Gesellschaftsrecht Seminar
cba415 - National and International Sports Law Seminar
cba420 - Arbeitsrecht Seminar
cba425 - Entrepreneurship Seminar
cba430 - Cost Accounting Seminar
cba435 - Financial management (with specific sports components) Seminar
cba440 - E-Business Seminar
cba445 - Information and knowledge management Seminar
cba450 - Leadership and Communication Seminar
cba455 - Coaching / Consulting Management Seminar
cba460 - Sales and customer relationship management Seminar
cba465 - Insurance Management Seminar
cba470 - Business English Seminar
cba475 - Corporate social responsibility Seminar
cba480 - Selected aspects of economics Seminar
cba485 - Scientific Work Seminar
cba490 - Professionalization Module Seminar
cba495 - Professionalization module Seminar
cba700 - Selected Aspects of Economic Sciences Seminar
bam - Bachelorarbeit Seminar