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05.12.2023 07:10:58
Module directory - Combinations of field of study and final degree
European History - Master's Programme

Course in course of study Master's Programme European History (Master's Programme)

Category Module Module component Semester
1 2 3 4
ges114 - History of the Ancient Mediterranean World Lecture o o    
Seminar o      
ges124 - Medieval European History Lecture o o    
Seminar o      
ges134 - Early Modern History of Western Europe Lecture o o    
Seminar o      
ges144 - Western European History of 19th and 20th Century Lecture o o    
Seminar o o    
ges154 - Modern East European History Lecture o o    
Seminar o o    
ges188 - Profile Building Seminar o o    
ges191 - Semester Abroad Seminar     +  
ges192 - Specialisation Seminar        
ges193 - Fields of practice and interdisciplinary competences Seminar or exercise        
Practical training        
ges194 - Semester abroad Seminar (Auslandsstudium)        
ges195 - International internship Seminar (Auslandspraktikum)        
Overall Grade
mam - Master´s Thesis Module Colloquium       +