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University of Oldenburg
30.09.2023 18:22:23
Module directory - Combinations of field of study and final degree
Education - Dual-Subject Bachelor's Programme
Category Module Module component Semester
1 2 3 4 5 6
päd010 - Foundations of pedagogy Lecture o          
Seminar (Grundbegriffe/Seminarschiene I) o          
Seminar (Universitäres Studium/Seminarschiene II) o          
Tutorial (optional)            
päd020 - Research methods I: data collection, data analysis and data interpretation in quantitative research Lecture o          
Seminar o          
päd021 - History of education and educatonal theories Lecture   o        
Seminar (Geschichtliches Seminar/Seminarschiene I)   o        
Seminar (Theoretisches Seminar/Seminarschiene II)            
päd022 - Pedagogic professionalism Lecture   o        
Seminar   o        
päd212 - Agents of socialisation and stages of life from an educational perspective Seminar (Grundbegriffe/Seminarschiene I)       o    
Seminar (Vertiefung von Themenbereichen/Seminarschiene II)       o    
päd221 - Discipline I Social pedagogy Lecture     o      
Seminar     o      
päd222 - Discipline II Rehabilitation Lecture     o      
Seminar     o      
päd223 - Discipline III Education and migration Lecture     o      
Seminar     o      
päd225 - Pedagogy and social diversity Lecture     o      
Seminar     o      
päd226 - Education policy and social policy Lecture            
Seminar       o    
päd227 - Education legislation and social legislation Lecture            
Seminar           o
päd228 - Studienrichtung IV Bildungsmanagement und Mediendidaktik Lecture            
päd510 - Research methods II: data collection, data analysis and data interpretation in qualitative research Lecture   o        
Seminar   o        
päd525 - Project Project group         o o
Lecture         o o
päd535 - Project evaluation Exercises            
Project group         o  
bam - Bachelor´s Thesis Module Seminar