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27.01.2022 05:44:49
Module directory - Combinations of field of study and final degree
Computing Science - Dual-Subject Bachelor's Programme
Category Module Module component Semester
1 2 3 4 5 6
inf030 - Programming, Algorithms and Data Structures Lecture +          
Exercises +          
inf200 - Computer Engineering I Lecture     +      
Exercises     +      
mat950 - Discrete Mathematics Lecture +          
Exercises +          
Aufbaumodule (60 KP)
inf005 - Software Engineering I Lecture         +  
Exercises         +  
inf007 - Information Systems I Lecture     +      
Exercises     +      
Praktische Vertiefung (60 KP)
inf004 - Software Project Lecture         o o
Exercises         o o
Project         o o
inf009 - Database Practical Practical training         o  
inf018 - Media Processing Lecture         o  
Project         o  
inf021 - Advanced Java Technology Practical Lecture         o o
Exercises         o o
inf803 - Special Topics in Computer Science I Course selection            
inf808 - Current Topics in Computer Science Course selection            
inf800 - Proseminar in Computer Science Seminar            
Wahlpflicht Technische Informatik (30 KP)
inf200 - Computer Engineering I Lecture         o  
Exercises         o  
inf203 - Embedded Systems I Lecture         o  
Exercises         o  
inf205 - Formal Methods in Embedded System Design Lecture         o  
Exercises         o  
inf208 - Microrobotics and Microsystems Technology Lecture         o  
Exercises         o  
inf209 - Control Theory Lecture         o  
Exercises         o  
inf210 - Signal and Image Processing Lecture         o  
Exercises         o  
Wahlpflicht Theoretische Informatik (30 KP)
inf401 - Foundations of Theoretical Computer Science Lecture         o  
Exercises         o  
bam - Bachelor Thesis and Colloquium Seminar           +