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25.05.2022 02:16:07
Module directory - Combinations of field of study and final degree
Applied Economics and Data Science - Master-Studiengang
Category Module Module component Semester
1 2 3
wir821 - International Trade, Production and Change Lecture   o  
Seminar   o  
wir876 - Topics in Economic Research Course or seminar (oder Kolloquium)   o  
Colloquium   o  
Exercises   o  
wir889 - Applied Environmental Economics Lecture   o  
wir893 - Development Economics Lecture   o  
Seminar   o  
Empirical Methods
wir887 - Advanced Econometrics Lecture   o  
Seminar   o  
wir888 - Applied Econometrics Using GIS Techniques Lecture o   o
Seminar o   o
wir892 - Computational Economics Lecture   o  
Seminar   o  
Data Science
inf607 - Business Intelligence II Lecture   o  
Seminar   o  
inf008 - Information Systems II Lecture   o  
Exercises   o  
wir842 - Banking Lecture   o  
wir843 - Financial Risk Management Lecture (ggf. mit Übung)   o  
wir886 - Digital Transformation: Strategies and Sustainability Lecture   o  
Exercises   o  
wir921 - Sustainable Supply Chain Management Lecture   o  
Seminar   o