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Information on course of study: Master's Programme European Master in Renewable Energy (EUREC) (Master)
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Numbers and facts

Course of study name: Master's Programme European Master in Renewable Energy (EUREC) (Master)
Duration: 3 Semester
Academic degree: Master of Science
Language: English
Type of admission: Application/enrolment possible in the winter semester

Orientation and goals

The aim of the European Master in Renewable Energy (EUREC) is to train post-graduate students to fill the gap between the growing industry demand for specialised RE expertise and the skills available in the job market. EUREC Agency together with eight leading European Universities, all recognized at an international level and excelling in the renewable energy rechnology they teach, have responded to this demand through the development of this high-level Master programme.

Course structure and content

The 16-month programme is divided into three course sections.
During the core semester, students acquire a solid foundation in key renewable energy technologies and the socio-economic issues surrounding their deployment.
According to the chosen University, the core can be followed in French, English or Spanish.

The specialisation semester focuses on a particular technology. Currently available courses include: wind energy, photovoltaics, hybrid systems, grid integration, and Solar Thermal and Associated
Renewable Storage. For the updated list of specialisations:
For the last six months, upon completion of the specialisation, students gain practical experience through a project undertaken in a company or a research centre. In December, each student comes to Brussels to present the results of the six-month project.

Language skills

Students applying to Oldenburg university are requested to provide one of the following English certificates:
  • TOEFL: minimum score of 550 (paper-based test), 213 (computer-based test) or 80 (internet-based test)
  • IELTS: minimum 6 (Academic version)
  • Cambridge Advanced Exam in English: B minimum
  • Cambridge Proficiency Exam in English: C minimum

Admission requirements

Applicants are required to hold a Bachelor degree in engineering or a scientific discipline (e.g. physics, chemistry, mathematics…). The criteria may be waived for applicants with relevant work experience deemed equivalent to the academic admission requirements.

Students applying to Oldenburg universities are requested to provide one of the following English certificates:
  • TOEFL: minimum score of 550 (paper-based test), 213 (computer-based test) or 80 (internet-based test)
  • IELTS: minimum 6 (Academic version)
  • Cambridge Advanced Exam in English: B minimum
  • Cambridge Proficiency Exam in English: C minimum

Documents to present

Candidates for admission should upload the following documents:
  • A CV (resume) in English
  • A certified copy of the university diploma and transcripts ("certified" means that the documents must bear the official University stamp to be considered valid)
  • Two letters of reference (which are also to be sent by post to EUREC - See additional information below).
  • A proof of English language proficiency (see above for minimum scores) - this proof may be provided later than the rest of the application, but before the start of classes in September/October!
  • A copy of your passport
  • Any additional information in support of your application is welcome but not requested (eg: information on work experience). If you are an employee and envisage to re-orientate your career into renewable energy, a covering letter outlining your motivations to participate in the course would be very useful

Application and admission

The applications are accepted on qualification and first-come/first-served basis. i.e. in case of equal qualification of two applicants, the early applicant is given the place. Therefore it is recommended to apply as soon as possible, well before the deadline.

Please check the EUREC-Website for further information regarding the application process.

This course of studies accepts a limited number of applicants. Applications for the first semester are only possible in the winter semester.
The application deadline for the winter semester at Oldenburg University is 15th April. The application process starts in mid-January.

The degree programme is liable to charges. For further information please check the regulations Gebühren- und Entgeltordnung

Additional information for application

For the next winter semester 2023/24

The application process for academic year 2023/2024 (winter semester) has expired.

If you have any further questions, please contact EUREC directly.

Your contact persons

  • Agert, Carsten
  • Contact form for students
  • Examinations Office (FK5-FK6)
Fragen zum Studiengang/-fach
  • Knagge, Eduard
Questions about studying
  • Study and Career Counselling Service

Documents: Regulations, forms, information

Documents Forms
  • Anmeldung der Abschlussarbeit pdf
  • Prüfungsordnung - allgemeiner Teil 2021 pdf
  • Prüfungsordnung - allgemeiner Teil 2020 pdf
  • Was bedeutet "Änderung der Prüfungsordnung" für Studierende? pdf
  • Prüfungsordnung - allgemeiner Teil 2019 pdf
  • Prüfungsordnung - allgemeiner Teil 2022 pdf
  • Prüfungsordnung - fachspez. Anlage 2022 pdf
Weiterführende Informationen Examinations and examiners I-Amt Anerkennung
  • Blankoformular Master pdf