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27.11.2022 10:26:14
Module directory - courses of study
Physics - Master of Education Programme (Special Needs Education)
Category Module Module component Semester
1 2 3 4 5 6
phy030 - Experimental Physics III:Atomic and Molecular Physics Lecture     o      
Exercises     o      
phy040 - Experimental Physics IV:Thermodynamics and Statistics Lecture       o    
Exercises       o    
phy044 - Experimental Physics IV (Structure of Matter) Lecture   o   o   o
Exercises   o   o   o
phy213 - Experimental Laboratory Course Secondary General School (Hauptschule), Intermediate Secondary School (Realschule), and Special Needs School (Förderschule) Seminar            
Practical training     o     o
phy214 - Vocationally Oriented Experimental Laboratory Course Seminar   o     o o
Practical training   o     o o
phy420 - Physics Education Research for School Practice (a) Lecture            
mam - Master´s Thesis Module Seminar