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phy633 - Optics (Complete module description)
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Module label Optics
Module code phy633
Credit points 6.0 KP
Workload 180 h
Attendance: 56 hrs, Self study: 124 hrs
Institute directory Institute of Physics
Applicability of the module
  • Master's Programme Engineering Physics (Master) > Advanced Physics
Responsible persons
Teubner, Ulrich (Module responsibility)
Teubner, Ulrich (Authorized examiners)
Skills to be acquired in this module
The students acquire broad theoretical and experimental knowledge of optics together with the necessary physical background. In the laboratory they acquire practical skills during application of their knowledge from lecture. The module prepares the students to work in the field of optical science and engineering in general, and yields the base for all further specialisations within the field of optics and laser
Module contents
Fundamental and advanced concepts of optics. Topics include: reflection and refraction, optical properties of matter, polarisation, dielectric function and complex index of refraction, evanescent waves, dispersion and absorption of light, Seidel's abberations, Sellmeier's equations, optical systems, wave optics, Fourier analysis, wave packets, chirp, interference, interferometry, spatial and temporal coherence, diffraction (Huygens, Fraunhofer, Fresnel), focussing and optical resolution, brilliance, Fourier optics, optics at short wavelengths (extreme UV and X-rays)
Reader's advisory
Born and Wolf: Principles of Optics (Cambridg Press);
E. Hecht: Optics (Addison-Wesley);
Pedrotti and Pedrotti: Introduction to Optics (Prentice- Hall);
Saleh and Teich, Fundamentals of Photonics (Wiley);
all those books are also available in German
Languages of instruction German, English
Duration (semesters) 1 Semester
Module frequency Wintersemester
Module capacity unlimited
Modullevel / module level MM (Mastermodul / Master module)
Modulart / typ of module Wahlpflicht / Elective
Lehr-/Lernform / Teaching/Learning method Lecture plus Lab Part: 4 hrs/week
Vorkenntnisse / Previous knowledge
Examination Time of examination Type of examination
Final exam of module
max 180 min written exam or 30 min oral exam or Lab work with report
max. 2hr written examination or max 1h oral examination or experimental work and laboratory reports or presentation or homework
Course type Lecture
Frequency SuSe or WiSe
Workload attendance 56 h