phy649 - Design of Wind Energy Systems (Vollständige Modulbeschreibung)

phy649 - Design of Wind Energy Systems (Vollständige Modulbeschreibung)

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Modulbezeichnung Design of Wind Energy Systems
Modulkürzel phy649
Kreditpunkte 6.0 KP
Workload 180 h
Attendance: 56 hrs, Self study: 108 hrs
Einrichtungsverzeichnis Institut für Physik
Verwendbarkeit des Moduls
  • Master Engineering Physics (Master) > Schwerpunkt: Renewable Energies
  • Master Sustainable Renewable Energy Technologies (Master) > Mastermodule
Zuständige Personen
  • Kühn, Martin (Modulverantwortung)
  • Kühn, Martin (Prüfungsberechtigt)
  • Schmidt, Andreas Hermann (Prüfungsberechtigt)
Wind Energy Utilization (Bachelor) or Wind Energy (Master)

The students attending the course will have the possibility to expand and sharpen of their knowledge about wind turbine design from the basic courses. The lectures include topics covering the whole spectrum from early design phase to the operation of a wind turbine. Students will learn in exercises how to calculate and evaluate design aspects of wind energy converters.

At the end of the lecture, they should be able to:

- estimate the site specific energy yield,

- calculate the aerodynamics of wind turbines using the blade element momentum theory,

- model wind fields to obtain specific design situations for wind turbines,

- estimate the influence of dynamics of a wind turbine, especially in the context of fatigue loads,

- transfer their knowledge to more complex topics such as simulation and measurements of dynamic loads,

- calculate the economic aspects of wind turbine

Introduction to industrial wind turbine design,

- rotor aerodynamics and Blade Element Momentum (BEM) theory,

- dynamic loading and system dynamics,

- wind field modelling for fatigue and extreme event loading,

- design loads and design aspects of onshore wind turbines,

- simulation and measurements of dynamic loads,

- design of offshore wind turbines,

- power quality and grid integration on wind turbines

T. Burton et. al.: Wind Energy Handbook. John Wiley, New York, 2nd ed., 2011;

R. Gasch, J. Twele: Wind Power Plants. Springer, Berlin, 2nd ed., 2011.;

Garrad Hassan, Bladed, Wind Turbine Design Software, Theory Manual;

Selected papers from e.g. Wind Energy Journal, Wiley Interscience
Unterrichtssprache Englisch
Dauer in Semestern 1 Semester
Angebotsrhythmus Modul jährlich
Aufnahmekapazität Modul unbegrenzt
Modulart Wahlpflicht / Elective
Modullevel MM (Mastermodul / Master module)
Lehr-/Lernform Lecture and seminar: 2 and 2 hrs/week
Vorkenntnisse Basics in Wind Energy Utilisation
Prüfung Prüfungszeiten Prüfungsform
Internship report: Between 15 and 30 pages
Lehrveranstaltungsform Vorlesung
Angebotsrhythmus SoSe oder WiSe
Workload Präsenzzeit 56 h