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inf709 - Practicals in Computer Science (Complete module description)
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Module label Practicals in Computer Science
Module code inf709
Credit points 12.0 KP
Workload 360 h
Faculty/Institute Department of Computing Science
Used in course of study
  • Dual-Subject Bachelor's Programme Computing Science (Bachelor) >
Contact person
Module responsibility
Authorized examiners
Module counceling
Entry requirements
Skills to be acquired in this module
The objective of this module is the extansion and the consolidation of computer science core concepts.

Professional competence
The students:
  • analyse and/or implement computing systems or their components in a practical relevant context
  • apply skilled knowledge to complex computer science tasks
  • design, implment, document and present an IT-project

Methodological competence
The students:
  • adress the techniques of scientific work
  • write and present scientific texts
  • structure complex problems
  • document complex problems and its solutions

Social competence
The students:
  • implment solutions for complex problems in a team
  • prepare and present topics in a team purposefully
  • identify stages of work and are responsible for them

The studends:
  • identify and characterise tasks according to their abilities
Module contents
The module practical computer science consolidation contains of one project (9CP) and of one pro-seminar (3CP) or of one practical course (6CP), of one pro-seminar (3CP) and of one seminar (3CP). The content is related to the classes.
Reader's advisory
Language of instruction German
Duration (semesters) 1 Semester
Module frequency halbjährlich
Module capacity unlimited
Modullevel AC (Aufbaucurriculum / Composition)
Modulart je nach Studiengang Pflicht oder Wahlpflicht
Lern-/Lehrform / Type of program 1 PG, 1 S, oder 1PR, 2 SE
Vorkenntnisse / Previous knowledge
Course type Comment SWS Frequency Workload attendance
Seminar und Projekt 8.00 SuSe and WiSe 112 h
Seminar und Praktikum 8.00 SuSe and WiSe 112 h
Total time of attendance for the module 224 h
Examination Time of examination Type of examination
Final exam of module
At the End of the Lecture Period