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02.04.2023 04:01:51
wcm300 - Environmental and Infrastructure Planning (EIP) Interactive Workshop (Vollständige Modulbeschreibung)
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Modulbezeichnung Environmental and Infrastructure Planning (EIP) Interactive Workshop
Modulkürzel wcm300
Kreditpunkte 5.0 KP
Workload 150 h
Einrichtungsverzeichnis Department für WiRe (VWL)
Verwendbarkeit des Moduls
  • Master Water and Coastal Management (Master) > Masterarbeitsphase
Zuständige Personen
The course engages students interactively with seminal texts within environmental and infrastructure planning and enhances critical thinking on contemporary planning debates in theory and practice.
On completion of the course learners will be able to: (1) critically compare and cross reference central arguments and relevant examples from seminal theoretical texts within environmental and infrastructure planning; and (2) read, distil and write summaries of key journal articles, present ideas effectively using presentation software and develop their critical perspectives on contemporary planning debates for planning practice. Following mini-lectures by the instructor learners present their ideas, with feedback from the instructor and fellow learners, stimulating a depth and critical engagement with the central ideas with reference to relevant examples. Topics include: collaborative planning and governance (e.g. Patsy Healey), rationality and power (e.g. Bent Flyvbjerg), complexity theory and planning (e.g. Juval Portugali), institutions and institutional change (e.g. Alexander).
Dauer in Semestern 1 Semester
Angebotsrhythmus Modul
Aufnahmekapazität Modul unbegrenzt
This course is part of the second year of the Double Degree Master Water and Coastal Management and takes place in Groningen.

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Modullevel / module level MM (Mastermodul / Master module)
Modulart / typ of module je nach Studiengang Pflicht oder Wahlpflicht
Lehr-/Lernform / Teaching/Learning method
Vorkenntnisse / Previous knowledge
Prüfung Prüfungszeiten Prüfungsform
Assignments, Presentation
(Pre-class assignments, participation in-class, presentation, final assignment)
Lehrveranstaltungsform Seminar
Workload Präsenzzeit 0 h