pre205 - Advanced Topics in Renewable Energy (Complete module description)

pre205 - Advanced Topics in Renewable Energy (Complete module description)

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Module label Advanced Topics in Renewable Energy
Modulkürzel pre205
Credit points 6.0 KP
Workload 180 h
Institute directory Institute of Physics
Verwendbarkeit des Moduls
  • Sustainable Renewable Energy Technologies (Master) > Mastermodule
Zuständige Personen
  • Günther, Andreas (module responsibility)
Skills to be acquired in this module

After completing the module students will be able to:

  • describe basic knowledge in two of a wide field of disciplines (technical, scientific, social, political, transferrable, language) as required for the implementation of renewable energy
  • critically discuss basic principles of the implementation of renewable energy
  • justify their personal decision on educational fields for their career development
Module contents

The module is designed to give students an outlook on fields which have not been covered so far in their previous lectures and specialization modules.

The content from different disciplines allows deepening knowledge and skills in the fields of renewable energy technology, It intends to allow students tailoring their personal education for their professional careers.

Students may select a set of courses which make up for 6CP from the Specialization Courses they did not opt for. Additional options are for example Praktikum Energieinformatik (2.01.513) or Advanced CFD and wind turbine aerodynamics (5.04.4587).

Refer to selected courses.
Language of instruction English
Duration (semesters) 1 Semester
Module frequency
Module capacity unlimited
Type of module Pflicht / Mandatory
Module level MM (Mastermodul / Master module)
Form of instruction Comment SWS Frequency Workload of compulsory attendance
Lecture SoSe oder WiSe 0
Seminar SoSe oder WiSe 0
Exercises SoSe oder WiSe 0
Präsenzzeit Modul insgesamt 0 h
Examination Prüfungszeiten Type of examination
Final exam of module
2 exams, depending on the selected courses.