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12.08.2022 17:26:10
wir904 - Environmental and Sustainability Policies (Complete module description)
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Module label Environmental and Sustainability Policies
Module code wir904
Credit points 6.0 KP
Workload 180 h
Institute directory Department of Business Administration, Economics and Law (Economics)
Applicability of the module
  • Master's Programme Business Informatics (Master) > Module der Wirtschafts- und Rechtswissenschaften (Master)
  • Master's Programme Computing Science (Master) > Nicht Informatik
  • Master's Programme Sustainability Economics and Management (Master) > Basic and Accentuation Modules
Responsible persons
Lehrenden, Die im Modul (Authorized examiners)
Siebenhüner, Bernd (Module counselling)
Wegner, Alkje (Module counselling)
Müller, Werner Joachim (Module counselling)
Siebenhüner, Bernd (Module responsibility)
Skills to be acquired in this module
• have basic information about national and european environmental and sustainability governance
• describe the history of national and european environmental and sustainability governance
• reflect upon central principles, instruments, players and strategies in environmental and sustainability governance
• analyze selected topics of environmental and sustainability governance based upon central principles, instruments, players and strategies
Module contents
  • Introduction to environmental politics - Politics, Political Science, Policy Analysis
  • Environment – Terms and Concepts - Historical Foundations of Environmental Politics
  • Actors, institutions and governance structures; Actors in Environmental Policy
  • Socio-ecological systems framework
  • Environmental Policy in Germany
  • Environmental Policy in the European Union
  • Steering and principles in environmental policy
  • Instruments in environmental policy
  • Policy process and environmental policy
  • Multilevel and reflexive governance - Multilevel governance
  • International environmental governance
  • Science-Policy Interface
Reader's advisory
Aden, Hartmut (2012): Umweltpolitik, Wiesbaden: VS-Verlag
Ambrus, M./Arts, K./Hey, E./Raulus, H. (Eds.): The Role of ‘Experts’ in International and European Decision-Making Processes. Advisors, Decision Makers or Irrelevant Actors? Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
Jänicke, M. (1997): National Environmental Policies. Heidelberg: Springer
Jordan, A. (Hrsg.) (2004): Environmental Policy in the European Union: Actors, Institutions and Processes. London: Earthscan.
Kraft, Michael E. (2011): Environmental policy and politics. 5th ed. Upper Saddle River: Pearson Education
Ostrom, E. (2009): A General Framework for Analyzing Sustainability of Social-Ecological Systems, Science 325: 420
Hooghe, Liesbet and Makrs, Gary (2003). "Unraveling the Central State, but How? Types of Multi-level Governance." American Political Science Review 97(02): 233-243.
Languages of instruction German, English
Duration (semesters) 1 Semester
Module frequency halbjährlich
Module capacity unlimited
Modullevel / module level BM (Basismodul / Base)
Modulart / typ of module je nach Studiengang Pflicht oder Wahlpflicht
Lehr-/Lernform / Teaching/Learning method
Vorkenntnisse / Previous knowledge
Examination Time of examination Type of examination
Final exam of module
Course type Lecture and seminar
Frequency WiSe
Workload attendance 56 h