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13.07.2020 01:16:26
ipb958 - Area of interdisciplinarity - University Collections (Complete module description)
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Module label Area of interdisciplinarity - University Collections
Module code ipb958
Credit points 15.0 KP
Workload 450 h
Faculty/Institute Institute of Material Culture
Used in course of study
  • Master's Programme Dutch Linguistics and Literary Studies (Master) >
  • Master's Programme English Studies (Master) >
  • Master's Programme German as a Foreign Language (Master) >
  • Master's Programme German Studies (Master) >
  • Master's Programme Music Studies (Master) >
Contact person
Module responsibility
Authorized examiners
Module counceling
Entry requirements
Skills to be acquired in this module
Module contents
Reader's advisory
Language of instruction German
Duration (semesters) 2 Semester
Module frequency
Module capacity 8
Modullevel MM-PB (Professionalisierungsbereichsmodul im Master)
Modulart Wahlpflicht / Elective
Lern-/Lehrform / Type of program 1 SE, 1 VL / UE / SE, 1 WE, 1 SE / UE, 1 PR

- Vorlesung, Seminar oder Lektürekurs (1 SWS) im WS
- Wekstattkurs (1 SWS) im WS
- Seminar (2 SWS) im WS
- Seminar oder Übung (2 SWS) im SoSe
- Praktikum (42 h) im SoSe oder im WS
Vorkenntnisse / Previous knowledge
Examination Time of examination Type of examination
Final exam of module
Course type VA-Auswahl
SWS 6.00
Frequency --
Workload attendance 84 h