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inf111 - Advanced Database Practical (Complete module description)
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Module label Advanced Database Practical
Module code inf111
Credit points 6.0 KP
Workload 180 h
Institute directory Department of Computing Science
Applicability of the module
  • Master's Programme Business Informatics (Master) > Akzentsetzungsmodule der Informatik
  • Master's Programme Computing Science (Master) > Praktische Informatik
Responsible persons
Grawunder, Marco (Authorized examiners)
Lehrenden, Die im Modul (Authorized examiners)
  • Informationssysteme I
Skills to be acquired in this module
Objective of the module/skills:
The module enhances the previous knowledge of databases and information systems. In the context of a professional database system the students realize, implement, install and optimize the system. Theoretical and mathematical approaches are additional contents. Additionally the course provides the capability both to describe the differences between NoSQL Databases and (Object-)Relational Databases and how to use them.

Professional competence
The students:
  • name realisation techniques, implementations und programming of database systems
  • program and implement database oriented system routines
  • administer a professional database system
  • identify database system performance problems and solve them appropriately

Methodological competence*
The students:
  • make optimisation decisions during the modelling phase
  • construct optimisation strategies mathematically

Social competence
The students:
  • develop appropriate implementations for given problems in a team

The students:
  • acknowledge the limits of their ability to cope with pressure during the implementation of database specific solutions
Module contents
Content of the Module:
The module is a practical course. It is a continuation of the modules Information Systems I and Information Systems II. This module especially deals with the technical and theoretical concepts of database systems. Practical database implementation approaches and optimisation concepts are additional content of the module.

In detail the module provides: low-level database management programming, aspects of catalogue systems implementation, optimisation strategies based on different parallelisation and partitioning strategies, query concepts and modification.
Reader's advisory
Suggested reading:
  • Ramez Elmasri und Shamkant B. Navathe (2007). Fundamentals of Databases Systems. Fifth Edition, Pearson/Addison Wesley.
  • Held Andrea (2007), Oracle 10g Addison-Wesley.
  • Held Andrea (2015), Oracle 12c New Features Addison Wesley.
  • Feuerstein Steven, Pribyl Bill, Dawes Chip (2007). Oracle PL/SQL. 4. Auflage, O’Reillys Taschenbibliothek
  • Oracle 10g, Das Programmierhandbuch, Galileo Computing
  • Oracle Database 11g, DBA-Handbuch, Oracle Press-Hanser Verlag
  • NoSQL (2011) Hanser Verlag
Language of instruction German
Duration (semesters) 1 Semester
Module frequency jährlich
Module capacity unlimited
Modullevel / module level AS (Akzentsetzung / Accentuation)
Modulart / typ of module je nach Studiengang Pflicht oder Wahlpflicht
Lehr-/Lernform / Teaching/Learning method
Vorkenntnisse / Previous knowledge - Betriebssystemkenntnisse
Examination Time of examination Type of examination
Final exam of module
at the end of the lecture period
hands-on exercises and oral exam
Course type Practical training
Frequency SuSe
Workload attendance 56 h