phy624 - Optoelectronics (Complete module description)

phy624 - Optoelectronics (Complete module description)

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Module label Optoelectronics
Modulkürzel phy624
Credit points 6.0 KP
Workload 180 h
Institute directory Institute of Physics
Verwendbarkeit des Moduls
  • Master's Programme Engineering Physics (Master) > Schwerpunkt: Laser and Optics
Zuständige Personen
  • Silies, Martin (module responsibility)
basic knowledge on optics and solid-state physics
Skills to be acquired in this module

The students get a deeper knowledge in modern applications in the field of optics and electronics, especially at the cross-section of both topics, i.e., optoelectronics.

Several applications of optoelectronic will be taught enabling the students to understand basic optoelectronic devices such as photodiodes, solar cells, CCD cameras or fiber-optical systems. In the first part of the lecture a theoretical background will be enabled while in the second part the understanding is deepened in a laboratory work.
Module contents

Basic knowledge of optics and solid-state physics; Understanding of the working principle of Transistors, LEDs, Solar cells, CCD sensors.

Knowledge about Electro- and acousto-optical manipulation of light, Fiber Optics

In the second part, the accessed knowledge from the lecture is applied in a laboratory project.

Safa O. Kasap Optoelectronics and Photonics: Principles & Practices, Pearson Education, ISBN 0273774174

Vladimir Protopopov: Practical Opto-Electronics: An Illustrated Guide for the Laboratory, Springer, ISBN 3319045121
Language of instruction English
Duration (semesters) 1 Semester
Module frequency jährlich
Module capacity unlimited
Type of module Wahlpflicht / Elective
Module level MM (Mastermodul / Master module)
Form of instruction Comment SWS Frequency Workload of compulsory attendance
Lecture 4 SoSe 56
selfstudy 124hours
Exercises SoSe oder WiSe 0
Präsenzzeit Modul insgesamt 56 h
Examination Prüfungszeiten Type of examination
Final exam of module
1 examination: Exam (30 - 60 minutes) or oral exam (15 - 30 minutes)