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16.06.2021 03:20:52
wir050 - Commercial Law and Specialization in Legal Case Analysis (Complete module description)
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Module label Commercial Law and Specialization in Legal Case Analysis
Modulkürzel wir050
Credit points 6.0 KP
Workload 180 h
Institute directory Department of Business Administration, Economics and Law (Law)
Verwendbarkeit des Moduls
  • Bachelor's Programme Business Administration and Law (Bachelor) > Aufbaubereich Recht
Zuständige Personen
Rott, Peter (Module responsibility)
Louven, Sebastian (Module counselling)
Lehrenden, Die im Modul (Prüfungsberechtigt)
Louven, Sebastian (Prüfungsberechtigt)
Skills to be acquired in this module
The students:
- are familiar with the legal working methods,
- are familiar with the basic concepts of commercial law,
- are able to handle legal cases by assessments and goal-oriented,
- are able to incorporate their knowledge of civil law with commercial issues,
- are able to find approaches for legal problems from the commercial law as well as recognize liability risks and handle with them.
Module contents
The focus of the commercial law will be the determination of traits of merchandiser, the company law, the commercial register and legal liability issues as well as cross-border trade. An introduction into company law follows.

Subjects of the module: Traits of merchandiser, company; commercial register; Representation in commercial law (procuration, action and charging power of attorney); commercial transactions; forms and consequences of the change of owner; commercial agents and brokers; customary law / trade terms; CISG; personal / corporate law.
The module will enable students to evaluate the complex legal relationships in the economy discretely.
Empfohlene studienbegleitende Literatur: Brox, H./Henssler, M., Handelsrecht, 22. Aufl., München 2016 Roth, G. H., Handels- und Gesellschaftsrecht, 8. Aufl., München 2013. Klunzinger, E., Grundzüge des Handelsrechts, 14. Aufl., München 2011. Taeger, J., Wirtschaftsprivatrecht, 5. Aufl., Edewecht 2014. Begleitendes Skript: Mester, B., Übungen zum Handelsrecht, Edewecht 2010.
Language of instruction German
Duration (semesters) 1 Semester
Module frequency jährlich
Module capacity unlimited
Modullevel / module level
Modulart / typ of module je nach Studiengang Pflicht oder Wahlpflicht
Lehr-/Lernform / Teaching/Learning method
Vorkenntnisse / Previous knowledge
Form of teaching Comment SWS Frequency Workload of compulsory attendance
2.00 28
2.00 28
Präsenzzeit Modul insgesamt 56 h
Examination Prüfungszeiten Type of examination
Final exam of module
end of semester
written exam