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University of Oldenburg
02.07.2022 13:52:21
sow650 - Social Inequality (Course overview)
Department of Social Sciences 6 KP
Semester courses Wintersemester 2021/2022
Course type: Seminar
Notes for the module
Module examination

Portfolio comprising:
1 presentation in one seminar and
1 individual research paper (approximately 3500 words) in the other seminar

Skills to be acquired in this module

Upon completing the module, students will be familiar with the central concepts of social inequality research, with a focus on gender inequalities in the labour market and in the family. In the individual courses, major theoretical concepts for distinguishing and explaining different dimensions and determinants of social inequality are elaborated, discussed and applied.
In addition, students will get to know data and methods for the quantitative analysis of gender inequalities (e.g. SOEP, pairfam).  In this way, they will understand empirical research results, develop their own research question and answer this question by analysing quantitative data in a small research project.

Appropriate assistance will be provided for students who wish to deepen their skills in academic writing in English.