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University of Oldenburg
03.12.2020 23:18:57
bio279 - Basic Concepts in Animal Physiology (Course overview)
Institute for Biology and Environmental Sciences 6 KP
Module responsibility
  • Dominik Heyers
Authorized examiners
  • Dominik Heyers
  • Christine Köppl
  • Karin Dedek
Module counceling
  • Christine Köppl
  • Karin Dedek
Semester courses Wintersemester 2020/2021
Course type: Lecture
Notes for the module
Time of examination
within a few weeks after the winter term lecture period
Module examination
written exam (100%)

To qualify for the exam, the following additional requirements need to be met:
  • regular participation in the laboratory experiments (no more than 1 day of absence)
  • lab protocols for each experiment which have been accepted by the respective supervisors

A cumulative bonus can be obtained with good lab protocols. The decision whether a given protocol deserves the bonus lies with the respective supervisor of each experiment.
The bonus improves the exam mark by maximally two steps (0.7). The bonus is optional, an exam mark of 1.0 is achievable without a bonus. A bonus cannot be applied to pass a failed exam.

Additional conditions regarding attendance and ungraded activities as determined by the persons responsible for the module will apply.
Skills to be acquired in this module

++ biological knowledge
++ knowledge of biological working methods
+ biologically relevant knowledge in the natural sciences and mathematics
+ statistics & scientific programming
++ abstract, logical, analytical thinking
+ deepened expertise in biological specialist field
++ independent learning and (research-based) working
+ teamwork

Basic knowledge on physiological processes and their underlying mechanisms with a focus on human physiology. Performing, analysing and documenting physiological experiments.