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01.02.2023 07:34:08
phy967 - Advanced Laboratories in Renewable Energies (Course overview)
Institute of Physics 6 KP
Semester courses Sommersemester 2022
Form of instruction: Practical training
  • No access 5.04.4102 - Advanced Laboratories in Renewable Energy for Eng. Physics Show lecturers
    • Priv.-Doz. Dr. Michael Krüger
    • Dr. Vita Solovyeva
    • Dipl.-Ing. (TU) Andreas Hermann Schmidt
    • Balthazar Arnoldus Maria Sengers
    • Jürgen Gorobez
    • Holger-Dietrich Saßnick
    • Dr. rer. nat. Tim-Daniel Bayer
    • Germann Hergert
    • Sven Stephan
    • Peter Werner
    • Dr. Michael Hölling
    • Suryans Chamoli
    • PD Dr. Stefan Uppenkamp, Dipl.-Phys.
    • Prof. Dr. Manuela Schiek
    • Dr. rer. nat. Martin Esmann
    • Hangyong Shan
    • M. Sc. Julian Jüchter
    • Dr.-Ing. Hauke Beck
    • Prof. Dr. Philipp Huke
    • Matti Gehlen
    • Athleen Selma Rietze

    Friday: 09:00 - 17:00, weekly (from 22/04/22)
Hinweise zum Modul
Module examination
labs with 3 protocols plus Homework tasks
Skills to be acquired in this module
Students acquire the competence to plan, execute, analyze, document and present complex and advanced physical experiments. They deepen their experience in working with state-of the-art measurement and analyzing equipment within the eld of Experimental Physics applied in the eld of renewable Energy. The Adv. Labs are research oriented.