inf510 - Energy Information Systems (Course overview)

inf510 - Energy Information Systems (Course overview)

Department of Computing Science 6 KP
Module components Semester courses Winter semester 2023/2024 Examination
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At the end of the semester

Module examination

Student research project or presentation

Skills to be acquired in this module

The students will learn different approaches to integrate distributed facilities, the regulatory framework, relevant standards and architecture concepts of energy management systems and will be able to apply this knowledge.
Professional competence
The students:

  • develop and evaluate IT-architectures for energy management systems
  • model objects of this domain appropriately
  • model energy information systems
  • realise and differentiate advanced tasks of decentralised energy management systems

Methodological competence
The students:

  • identify problems of energy management, analyse these problems systematically and provide solutions
  • apply different simulation approaches of decentralised plants and consumers

Social competence
The students:

  • discuss solutions for energy management systems in the group
  • develop use cases in teams
  • present self-developed solutions

The students:

  • reflect their actions with regard to structuring and decomposing systems
  • reflect their own use of power as a limited resource