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06.12.2022 21:52:57
gsw230 - Molecular Pharmacology (Course overview)
Department of Human Medicine 6 KP
Module components Semester courses Wintersemester 2022/2023 Examination
Vorlesung und Seminar
written or oral examination
Hinweise zum Modul
Enrolment in Master´s programme Molecular Biomedicine
Kapazität/Teilnehmerzahl 6 (
Places are based on attended courses and given grades. Knowledge of physiology and biochemistry is required.
written or oral exam: at the end of winter semester,
protocol: at the end of the practical course
Module examination
written or oral examination (graded),
protocol (ungraded)
Skills to be acquired in this module
Goals of the module:
upon completion of this module, students
- know about the subject of pharmacology in general, its areas of expertise such as pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics and their functions.
- understand on which pathophysiological mechanisms diseases are based and on which molecular targets pharmaceuticals act in order to alleviate diseases.
- know the basic actions and side effects of important drug groups.
- understand basic parameters of clinical studies and the importance of clinical studies for therapeutic approaches.

Skills to be acquired/ competencies:
++ deepened biological expertise
++ deepened clinical expertise
  + deepened knowledge of biological working methods
  + deepened knowledge of clinical diagnostics
  + data analysis skills
  + interdisciplinary thinking
  + critical and analytical thinking
  + independent searching and knowledge of scientific literature
  + data presentation and discussion (written and spoken)
  + teamwork
  + ethics and professional behavior