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04.12.2023 08:25:21
pb085 - Soft Skills (Course overview)
Department of Computing Science 6 KP
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Hinweise zum Modul
Examination times
End of the 2nd semester
Module examination
Skills to be acquired in this module
Professional competences

The students:

  •  identify characteristic features of scientific texts - underpin their behavior (in the sub-areas covered in the lecture) with scientific theories from psychology, pedagogy or social sciences, respectively
  • reflect on aspects of the use of media
  • recognize behavioral patterns relevant to teamwork and people management and apply them
  • are familiar with the criteria of convincing speech (rhetoric)


  • know the most important parameters of electrical engineering
  • identify common passive and active components and know concrete areas of application
  • are familiar with hardware programming
  • can create their own 3D models and manufacture them with a 3D printer

Social competences

The students:

  • practice giving and taking constructive feedback
  • plan projects
  • create presentations and reflect on the presentations
  • try out methods of rhetoric
  • reflect methods of project management
  • apply creativity techniques and compare them with each otherto look at problem solving from multiple perspectives

Social competence

The students:

  • try out feedback and metacommunication
  • reflect on the possibilities of group work
  • acquire basic knowledge in the field of conflict management

Self competences

The students:

  • apply time management methods
  • reflect on how they deal with criticism and peers
  • learn about the challenges of an assessment center and reflect on their possible roles in it