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05.10.2022 20:49:24
lök290 - Perspectives of Bioenergy (Course overview)
Institute for Biology and Environmental Sciences 6 KP
Module components Semester courses Wintersemester 2021/2022 Examination
  • No access 5.03.291 - Perspektiven der Bioenergie/Praktikum Bioenergie Show lecturers
    • Prof. Dr. Rainer Buchwald
    • Dr. Thomas Klenke
    • Prof. Dr. Michael Wark, Dipl.-Chem.
    • Julia Lüttmann

    Thursday: 14:15 - 15:45, weekly (from 21/10/21)
    Dates on Tuesday. 19.10.21 18:00 - 18:30

    Vorbesprechung: 19.10.2021 - 18:00 h - 18:30h - (W02 2-243) Start: Do 21.10.2021 - 14:00 h - 16:00 h - regelmäßig - Wunschraum: (W03 3-384 / ggfs. online) Blockveranstaltung: Die Termine werden nachgetragen

Hinweise zum Modul
Bachelor studies of Natural Science, Environmental Science or Economics
Before the end of the module
Module examination
Assignment (for the seminar or for the exercise, alternatively) and presentation of 30 min. for a) not marked
Skills to be acquired in this module
The module qualifies students to deal with the different forms of bioenergy and their current perspec-tives. Hereby, they acquire competences in the scientific basal subjects of physics, chemistry, and biology as well as with respect to the energetic, technical, ecological, and economic aspects that have to be considered for a synoptic assessment of different forms of bioenergy.