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University of Oldenburg
04.12.2021 09:00:06
pb025 - Occupations, qualifications, and the vocational education system (Course overview)
Department of Business Administration, Economics and Law 6 KP
Module components Semester courses Wintersemester 2021/2022 Examination
Notes for the module
Reference text
Ergänzend zu den beiden Vorlesungen wird ein Tutorium angeboten.
Module examination
Exploration report (max. 35 pages) and presentation (max. 30 minutes)
Skills to be acquired in this module

Students …

  • describe and analyse political, legal and institutional structures of the vocational education system and related processes in vocational education and training using theoretical and empirical research findings
  • apply their knowledge and analytical skills in explorative work in institutions of vocational education and training (outside vocational schools)
  • identify the characteristics and historical developments of work and occupations in the German context
  • identify and analyse reform initiatives in the vocational education system in national and international perspective