mar530 - Main Module Ecophysiology of prokaryotes (Course overview)

mar530 - Main Module Ecophysiology of prokaryotes (Course overview)

Institute for Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment 12 KP
Module components Semester courses Wintersemester 2022/2023 Examination
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    • Dr. Bert Engelen
    • Prof. Dr. Martin Könneke
    • Lisa Maria Engl
    • Simone Brick
    • Grace Abarike

    Dates on Monday, 06.03.2023 - Friday, 10.03.2023, Monday, 13.03.2023 - Thursday, 16.03.2023 08:15 - 09:45, Friday, 17.03.2023 08:15 - 1 ...(more), Location: W15 0-023, W15 2-234
    The date for a pre-meeting will be announced. If are registered for the “Seminar: 5.13.531 - Ecophysiology of prokaryotes”, you are also automatically signed in for the practical course.

Hinweise zum Modul
Announced during the course.
Module examination

One assessments of examination:
Portfolio: Written protocol (100%) and contribution to the seminar (seminar presentation, no mark)

Active participation: Active and documented participation in practical courses (labs, exercises, seminars, field trips) and courses. These include e.g. the delivery of exercises, writing a lab report or seminar presentations according to the advice or the course supervisor.

Skills to be acquired in this module
The aim of the module "Ecophysiology of prokaryotes" is to impart in-depth knowledge on the metabolism and physiology of microorganisms and train students in practical skills to measure physiological parameters. 
After completion of the module, students can
- contribute to current scientific projects (under guidance)
- know modern analytical techniques
- know and understand recent scientific literature
- can write scientific reports, present their results and discuss them