Stud.IP Uni Oldenburg
University of Oldenburg
31.10.2020 05:25:23
olt201 - Summer School / Congress (Course overview)
Department of Neurosciences 6 KP
Module responsibility
  • Georg Martin Klump
  • Henrik Mouritsen
Module counceling
  • Klaudia Hettwer
module components Semester courses Wintersemester 2020/2021 Examination
Notes for the module
Entry requirements
English language skills; Presentation skills;
Module examination
at congresses: active participation with posterpresentation and/or talk
at summer schools: active participation
Skills to be acquired in this module
Development of competence in the presentation and discussion of research findings in the international context. Obtaining an overview of related research fields. Social skills (networking) in the international scientific community should be developed.