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Universität Oldenburg
24.01.2022 08:58:14
neu320 - Introduction to Neurophysics (Veranstaltungsübersicht)
Department für Neurowissenschaften 6 KP
Modulteile Semesterveranstaltungen Wintersemester 2021/2022 Prüfungsleistung
Hinweise zum Modul
recommended in semester: 3 (with Matlab prereq.: 1)
Recommended in combination with: 5.04.4012 Informationsverarbeitung und Kommunikation (phy350)
Will also be offered in "M.Sc. Physik, Technik, Medizin"
Kapazität/Teilnehmerzahl 30 (
Registration procedure / selection criteria: StudIP
end of winter term
Prüfungsleistung Modul
80% oral exam or written exam, 20% exercise work and presentation

++ Neurosci. knowlg.
+ Independent research
+ Scient. Literature
++ Interdiscipl. knowlg.
++ Maths/Stats/Progr.
+ Data present./disc.

Students will learn to recognize the dynamics in neuronal networks as the result of an interplay of physical, chemical and biological processes. Overview over major physical measurement procedures for the quantification of structure and function in neuronal systems. Using the language of mathematics as a fundamental tool for the description of underlying biophysical processes with stochastics, linear algebra, differential equations. Information as represented on different length- and timescales: From microscopic processes to macroscopic functional models. Learning and adaptation as adjustment of a biophysical system to its environment.