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13.05.2021 02:35:43
che411 - Physical Chemistry of Surfaces and Interfaces (Course overview)
Department of Chemistry 9 KP
Module components Semester courses Sommersemester 2021 Examination
  • Unlimited access 5.07.411 - Lecture - Solid-gas interfaces in theory and application Show lecturers
    • Prof. Dr. Katharina Al-Shamery

    Friday: 12:00 - 14:00, weekly (from 16/04/21)

  • Unlimited access 5.07.521 - Lecture Integrated Chemical Systems Show lecturers
    • Prof. Dr. Gunther Wittstock

    Tuesday: 10:15 - 11:45, weekly (from 13/04/21)

    The realization of complex functions such as selective recognition and conversion, conversion of light into chemical energy, chemical signal processing and transmittance depend on reactions and property changes of individual molecules that are amplified within an ensemble to macroscopic effects. Often hierarchically organized molecular ensembles play a key role and form building blocks on different length scales. Examples are found in living systems. The realization of similar functions in artificial systems requires the coupling of supramolecular systems to conventional device structures. The lecture will present approaches towards the design of such coupled systems that play a central role for the further development of nanotechnology. Based on the properties of simple systems, routes for preparation, characterization and understanding of more complex interfacial structures will be discussed. The principles will be examplified by conversion of light to chemical energy, electrochemical energy storage and chemical and biochemical sensors.

  • Unlimited access 5.07.950 - Modern Spectroscopy for Particle and Interface Analytics Show lecturers
    • Dr. Carsten Dosche

    Tuesday: 15:00 - 17:00, weekly (from 13/04/21)

Notes for the module
BSc in Chemie, Umweltwissenschaften oder Physik
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In der vorlesungsfreien Zeit entsprechend separater Ankündigung
Module examination
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1 mündliche Prüfung von max. 45 Min. (100 %)
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Skills to be acquired in this module
Students familiarize themselves with complex research-related general concepts of interfacial and surface chemistry, their application in specialized experimental techniques as well as selected examples of their technical application with an emphasis on nanoscale systems.