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07.07.2022 15:49:59
wir731 - Design of teaching and learning settings in the field of business administration and economics (Course overview)
Department of Business Administration, Economics and Law (Economics) 9 KP
Module components Semester courses Sommersemester 2021 Examination
Lecture (Bereich Evaluation)
Ein Seminar ist zu wählen
Seminar (Bereich Vorbereitung Fachpraktikum)
Ein Seminar ist zu wählen
Seminar (Bereich Digitale Medien)
Ein Seminar ist zu wählen
Notes for the module
Reference text
Students have to take part in the seminars actively to fulfil the requirements of the module wir731. This includes usually the regular participation in the sessions, the preparation and reworking of the content of each session (e.g. reading suggested literature, working on learning tasks), and giving presentations in different forms depending on the type of program. The criteria of an active participation are negotiated and defined at the beginning of the seminar.
Time of examination
The exam takes place at the beginning of the off-course period when students have successfully completed all three seminars of the module.
Module examination
oral exam (approx. 15 minutes)
Skills to be acquired in this module
Upon completion of the module, students will:
• know and assess digital media and their usage in vocational teaching and learning settings.
• develop teaching and learning arrangements using digital media. Students analyse these arrangements critically with regard to their application in vocational teaching and learning settings.
• plan, analyse and evaluate lessons.
• decide on an issue to be explored during their school-based practice and analyse the theoretical underpinnings of this issue.
• know and assess functions and methods of evaluation, performance measurement, and performance assessment in schools.